Six Months on the Road

December 21, 2017

Merry Christmas greetings from South Florida!  We are here to celebrate with our extended Forde and Linley families and old friends, which we haven’t done in over a decade!

19 States – 5 Provinces – 183 Days – 13,852 Miles: We’ve been on the road for six months now and are blessed to report that our trip is everything we’ve dreamed.  We have found that we not only love each other, but we like each other enough to be together 24/7 in 340 square feet!  We do have our unpleasant and frustrating moments, but we recover pretty quickly, thanks be to God, truly.

We’re on a learning curve every day and are still newbies in all things RV.  But we’re still up for this challenge and have already become more conscious, better stewards of resources like water, electricity, and toilet paper!  As most of you know, this trip was years in the planning stages and God has been gracious to get us going and lead us onward!

To those of you who were on our route these past six months, we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and hospitality toward us!  You opened your homes and driveways to us, made time to come visit our home on wheels, treated us to wonderful meals (home-cooked and out on the town), showed us the best sights in your corner of the world, helped us find good places to get routine stuff done like haircuts and vehicle maintenance, and encouraged us all along our way with your enthusiasm for our adventure.  Like I said, we cannot thank you enough for your part in making our dream come true!

To those of you west and northwest of Florida who we have yet to visit, we’re coming your way!  It may take us some time, so stay tuned for when our SeeMyAmerica tour will roll in. 🙂

And speaking of staying tuned, we also thank those of you who are accompanying us from your phone or computer!  This is so cool and your encouragements, travel tips and suggestions are a delight to us.  Keep ‘em coming!

God willing, we’ll head west out of Florida toward Texas sometime in February.  Our pace should finally start to slow down (I know, I’ve been saying this for months) and I’m committed to getting the travel blog caught up!  Plus, we want to write about RV living, not just the sightseeing part, but the day to day stuff of life on the road.

From Texas, we’ll start our slow ascent to Alaska through Canada as the weather permits, hoping to arrive in Alaska in June and spend the summer there.  Then we’ll see where the road takes us. As Tom says, this is our travel concept, not a firm plan, because life is of course unpredictable.

We wish you all a very merry and blessed celebration of Christmas and new joy in the New Year!  And we send our love across the miles!


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