Deciding to go on a Roadtrip of a Lifetime

We had never considered the idea of full-time RVing until we met Dale and Hazel at a state park event about five years ago. Dale retired from the Florida Park Service and he and Hazel bought a motorhome and RVed full-time for 25 years! We were amazed at the stories they told of their travels and adventures and each story was accompanied by huge smiles from the great memories.

Tom’s parents had a similar desire for their golden years and even bought the motorhome, but Dad’s health failed and they never got to realize their dream. So, inspired by Dale and Hazel, and Mom and Dad, we began to dream ourselves. About two years ago, we got serious about the concept, sold our house and much of its contents and downsized into an apartment.

2007-Bounder-35EWe spent plenty of time surfing the internet researching different makes and models of RVs. Early on we decided a Class A motorhome was right for us and we had some specific “requirements” and “nice to haves.” I searched endlessly for the right model and we regularly dreamed about life on the road. Eventually our search led us to a 2007 Fleetwood Bounder 35 E which fit pretty much all the essentials and some nice to haves too.

In future blogs we’ll give more details of some of our decisions that got us to this point where we are about six weeks away from launching our “road trip of a lifetime”.   Stay tuned to our website, and our Facebook page as we share the sights and experiences along the way.


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