Day 1 – The Roadtrip of a Lifetime Begins – Tallahassee Florida

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?!  Especially one that’s been years in the making?  Our plan began decades ago when we asked God to reveal His plan for us, and we’ve been following His lead ever since.  Even when He took us in a different direction from where we wanted to go, it turned out to be better…every time.

We began to envision our retirement years about 11 years ago when we finally decided where we would spend them.  We were set on staying in Florida but when you’ve lived all over this beautiful state, it’s near impossible to choose one spot.  It’s also near impossible for me, Stacie, who is agonizingly indecisive and gets overwhelmed with too many choices.  Do NOT give me a Cheesecake Factory notebook menu and expect me to decide anything before you die of starvation! 😉

But 11 years ago, our hearts were drawn to Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, the first or last beach on Florida’s east coast, depending on which way you’re headed.  There are three awesome state parks within 10 miles of each other and, being a State Park family, much of our life has and always will revolve around the 171 gems that our state has to offer.  On our deciding visit, we found that a couple of our long lost but dear old BFFs, Paul & Karen Werling, had relocated their real estate office there!  No coincidence, a God-incidence for sure.

Happy CamperA couple years after we decided, and with the Werlings’ expert help, we were able to buy our piece of Amelia Island–a residential lot between the Fernandina Beach historic district and the ocean where Tom could build us a small house.  That’s still the plan, but we’ve pushed the date a few years out.  We have North America to see first!

Stone Mountain Campground 2We begin today in Stone Mountain, GA, having left Tallahassee this morning.  Our 10 year old granddaughter is with us and we are already having a blast!  She and Papa Tom are at the campground pool and I am sipping “Happy Camper” wine (gifted by our BFF Werlings) and looking out between rustling trees to the glistening lake beyond our campsite.  Ahh, this really is the life.  And it’s ours.  We are beyond blessed.



Stone Mountain Campground

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