500th Day Update

Our See My America tour has rolled home to Florida!

We started with a dream idea almost 7 years ago and hit the road as retired full-time RVers on June 21st, 2016. Today we celebrate 500 days on the road and mark the temporary end to our Roadtrip of a Lifetime.

Are we finished with our motorhome and traveling?Absolutely not! But we have decided that full-time RVing is not for us…yet. We are too young to be fully retired and want to go back to work to preserve our nest egg (plus, Tom just really loves to work!). We have faith that God will open and close doors in this next chapter of our adventure, just as He always has, and hopefully lead us to jobs and a homebase in Fernandina Beach or another place within easy reach of our kids and grands, where we can serve in the local church and build a community of relationships in one spot. We’ve missed that.

We’re in Fernandina Beach now, camping for a few days in our beloved Fort Clinch State Park, so befitting this milestone celebration. Next week we head to Crystal River for the arrival of our 3rd grandchild, Thomas! We’ll spend much of November and December there, driveway surfing with our Bleakley Bunch!

Our roadtrip memories are both countless and priceless, and we highly recommend this kind of trip to all dreaming adventurers! We drove to the points most east, west, and south in the U.S. and flew to the northernmost because you can’t drive there! We experienced standing in the Arctic Ocean and seeing Denali (the elusive mountain) in Alaska; seeing moose, bears, caribou and whales; walking on the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia; feeling the steam rising from the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone; enjoying the view from the top of Cadillac Mountain in Maine’s Acadia National Park, and so much more! We have more stories and pictures to post and now Tom wants to publish a book…of course he does! 🙂

All along the way, we’ve met wonderful people, making new friends and visiting old, some who we haven’t seen in more than 40 years! We met cousins for the first time and visited family and friends who are scattered across North America. We are beyond grateful for everyone’s hospitality, friendship, and the memories we made together.

God has been exceedingly gracious to us in our travels, protecting us and providing for us. We’ve been healthy and have not experienced any major malfunctions or incidents. How blessed we are to have a champ of an RV (thanks, Bob & Carol!) and a super dependable car (thanks, Donald & Rosalie!) to make our travels so comfortable.

As we have traversed these thousands and thousands of miles, we have such appreciation for the farmers and ranchers across North America who feed us and the engineers who design and build roads, tunnels, and bridges—especially those through mountains, over chasms, and under water—absolutely amazing. What a Roadtrip of a Lifetime this has been!

Thank YOU for following us, and please don’t stop because we’re not!

Tom and Stacie 🙂

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