Coleman and Midland, Texas

Visited March 20 – 27, 2017

From Waco we headed west to the tiny town of Coleman and another great Corps of Engineers Park, Hords Creek, with lots of shade trees and waterfront sites to watch beautiful sunsets!  Jackrabbits run among the sites and coyotes live nearby because Tom heard them howl!

Coleman is another no-Verizon-zone so we were bummed to have no cell or wifi service.  Pure R & R is a beautiful thing but we needed to make some connections, check the weather, and Tom needed a hardware store, so we took a day trip to Abilene less than an hour away.  I think we have been in as many hardware stores as gas stations!  But I do love to wander around a good hardware store. 🙂  We had a super lunch with local beer at Fat Boss’s Pub.  The bartender was a beer expert and she helped us navigate the many options. 🙂

High winds caused us to delay our departure from Hords Creek to Midland by a day, but it was a wise decision.  We learned the hard way when we were in Ft. Worth that driving in gusty winds is never a good idea.  While moving the rig across town, a gust caught one end of our retracted awning and broke the latch, causing it to begin to unfurl while we were driving, yikes!  Of course, we pulled over immediately and Tom easily secured it with ropes and bungees but from then on we were careful to monitor wind conditions more closely.

On the way to Midland, we saw the mother rush of blue bonnets!  All month, Tom had been looking for a field of them to photograph.  We were on a backroad in the middle of nowhere when we came upon acres and acres of them!

Midland was on our route out of Texas so that we could visit another childhood friend of mine and her husband.  I get to see Leslie every year at our gal pal reunion, but it was great to have a quick visit with Johnny, too!  Leslie is another amazing hostess with the mostest!  She welcomed us with the most thoughtful gift basket, chock full of genuine Texas delectables—beer, wine and sweet and savory treats of all kinds.  And she cooked us a gourmet meal of stuffed pork loin, prefaced by the best spinach dip appetizer ever!  It is a must-have at our annual reunions and she is always gracious to oblige us. 🙂  We had such a lovely evening dining out on the pool patio.  The next day we were delighted to worship together and then take her to our campground to see our home.  She was skeptical that an RV park in Midland could be anything but an oil rig worker man camp, so I think she was pleasantly surprised to see that Midland RV Park is actually pretty nice.  Yes, there is a lot of gravel, but there are trees around the perimeter and even some interior plantings of rose bushes and other shrubs that we could see from our windows.  Plus, the full hookups come with free wifi and cable included in their reasonable rates.  In our RV world, this is a great bonus. 🙂

We had a fantastic fresh mex lunch at Rosa’s Café, a very popular chain in Texas where the food is fast, but definitely not typical fast food.  Then we headed back to Leslie’s for a fun afternoon in her art studio.  She is an accomplished and distinguished artist!  She spent many years as a portrait artist and sculptor but several years ago her passion turned to glass, especially fused and slumped glass.  Her work is simply spectacular and that’s not just my personal bias; she is award-winning.  Her creations are so dimensional, intricate and colorful–see for yourself here!  Tom had a blast using her tools to repurpose two wine bottles into a flower vase and candle holder that we use almost daily in our rig. 🙂

Our month in Texas came to an end with our brief, but wonderful weekend in Midland.  Next stop, New Mexico!

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