Camp GRAND EndsWe’ve taken a few days to re-group and adjust to being a family of two again! We had to go to Plan B to get our granddaughter home last Sunday. Her mom, our daughter Meredith, came down with pneumonia (pray for her!) so she, her husband and young son were not able to join us in Nashville as planned for the 4th of July weekend. Instead, we each drove halfway and met in Montgomery, AL for less than 24 hours to transfer Kendall. Meredith was recovering and mostly functional (she calls herself the queen of suck-it-up, and she is!) so the driving option was better than Kendall flying home alone. We had some hotel pool time, take-out dinner and breakfast together, and then we headed our separate ways. Our two weeks of Camp GRAND with Kendall was the best yet! But next year in Alaska will surely top it. 🙂

We got back to Nashville in plenty of time to enjoy the downtown festival, food, continuous live music, and A-MAZ-ING fireworks! Seriously, Nashville boasts the largest fireworks display in the country and we believe it. We’ve been on the Mall in DC but Nashville was indeed bigger and better, probably because it was directly over our heads! Nashville also boasts its own Broadway, but instead of theaters, it is lined on both sides with honky tonk venues, each one with live music. I’m sure this is where many now-famous musicians got their start and many more are working on it.

Now before I forget again, I wanted to mention another highlight from our time in Chattanooga (besides seeing our loved ones there). No matter where you go during the routine of your day, you can see a mountain! Go to work, school, church, run errands or sit in traffic…you look up and see a mountain. Now I realize these aren’t grand-scale mountains, but to this Florida girl they are mountains nonetheless and a delightful sight to behold!

We are now in Renfro Valley, KY enjoying some down time after two weeks of go, go, go and do, do, do! Surprisingly, I had a sleepless night the first night here, so I got up and read for a while. At 7:30am I went back to bed and slept for a couple of hours. You can do this when you’re retired, and it’s a beautiful thing! 😉

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