Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, PA and Selinsgrove, PA

Visited September 9 – 11, 2016

When we learned that the Yuengling Brewery was just a slight detour off our route to visit cousins in Selinsgrove, we knew it would be a detour worth taking!  We aren’t beer aficionados, but we do enjoy a cold brew and a cold Yuengling is always our go-to.  BTW, so far in our travels, we have not found a colder one than in the frosty mugs at Salty Dawg’s in Tallahassee!  In a few states (that shall remain nameless), we couldn’t even get a Yuengling!  Needless to say, we were glad to get back into Yuengling country.

Being in our rig meant a parking challenge in the busy downtown district where, as is typical, the streets are all one-way with curbside parking.  We knew we had to find a long, empty curb because we take up three metered parking spaces!   It wasn’t quick or easy but we found our three-in-a-row and made it to the tour with minutes to spare!

The free tour is a must-do, even if you aren’t into beer, because the facilities are so historic and their story is really fascinating.  Yuengling is family owned and operated since 1829, the oldest operating in the country.  The fermentation and storage caves were hand dug underneath the city streets.  During Prohibition, they were ordered to brick up the caves, but later re-opened them for touring–they had built new facilities by then.  They survived the Prohibition years because while they had to halt most of the brewing operation, although their porter brew was deemed medicinal!  The family also owned a dairy and opened a creamery across the street, so Yuengling ice cream also helped them stay afloat through the 14 years of prohibition.  Another factoid we learned was that the only difference between their lager and light lager is that the light cooks 90 minutes longer, hence less calories; good to know, right?

Of course, the free sampling at the end is the other highlight and naturally leads to buying (at great prices).  We got to try varieties that were new to us and bought two that are only sold in PA, Yuengling Premier & Premier Light.  I waited at the entrance with our purchases while Tom fetched the rig.  He pulled right up to the curb to load us up…what a sight we were, and are!  We have definitely navigated the rig in some less than ideal spots, but Tom is becoming quite the master!

From the brewery we had just a couple hour drive to my cousins in Selinsgrove.  We’ve met them only once but have always corresponded over the years and looked forward to finally spending some time together.  Bob and Pat are seasoned RVers, with lots of miles and experiences logged in a rig similar to ours.  Their home base in Selinsgrove is a super compound for their family with multiple homes, garages, and a perfect driveway for RV surfing.  They knew and anticipated everything we’d need and they rolled out the red carpet!  They directed us to just the right level spot for unhooking our car before we entered their neighborhood and also cautioned us as to which street signs and tree branches to swing wide for on the way.  These are the kind of tips that we rely on, thoughtful and practical, and they have lots of both!

They treated us to wonderful home cooking (and Yuengling ice cream!) and took us on a driving tour of their countryside which included a stop for lunch at The Fence Drive-in Restaurant, famous for their fish sandwiches and car hop service.  But we sat at picnic tables outside, overlooking the beautiful Susquehanna River.  When we got home, Bob cued up our Seminoles football game, followed by his Hurricanes game.  This was our kind of Saturday!  It was a short weekend we had with them, but so relaxing and full of RV-talk, our favorite topic!  And we knew we’d see them again in Florida—they winter in their RV in Ocala, not far from our daughter in Crystal River. 🙂

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